Wednesday, October 01, 2014

From the Archives: Prince of Sickles Variation

Here is the Prince of Sickles again in a new position and poised to take action.  The different ends of his sickle staff have polarized in color.  Before, the sickles had been clear and blue tinted. 



Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dream Diary 092814: Surviving the Alien Invasion and Sleeping Dragons

I am in a dense pine forest far from any urban area. Beyond the edge of the forest I can see a sprawling landscape.  It is overcast and lightly foggy.  I am with a group.  An alien race has invaded the earth. Humans now scavenge the alien trash for camouflage. The armor we create looks like panko breading in texture but is a dark grey. We are following a long roadway through the pine forest and stop at a secret market to replenish our alien technology, weapons, and supplies.  There is a large room off the highway where the market is.  The room looks much like a small gymnasium.

Now I am in a swampy pit within the forest. I am trying to cross to the other side. Buried within the pit are sleeping dragons. They have been underground for many years but they are waking now as I try to cross.  Where I began, a balck dragon emerges and shakes off the swamp muck.  I fall off the snout of a large red dragon as it rises up. The dragons were all asleep under the muck and dirt and are covered in debris. I'm climbing out the other side of the pit when I come face to face with a smaller slender green dragon. 

It is neon green and has a long thin neck.  It turns me around and is going spit acid on the back of my head and eat my brain. I let go and prepare for death. Suddenly I am underwater and the dragons are being attacked by some force. There is fire and many explosions.  I swim away, surprised to be alive. I come up and out through a water purification plant? It looks like a large clear swimming pool with metallic filters at the edges.

I climb back onto the highway and return to the secret market. The room is empty. I cannot find my team. I move further back into the room.  In the back it opens onto a second roadway.  Everyone is there waiting for the bus.  The green hills there look much like the British countryside.  A friend in the group has a sister who is simple.  She has one strange eye. The aliens are trying to manipulate her by pretending to be her brother. We are all getting on a bus to leave, but she stays behind because the aliens told her her to. Luckily my friend recognizes what is happening in time and stops the bus to retrieve her.

I wake.
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