At Trail of Breadcrumbs, the Festival of Orgone was a two week long event in the summer of 2012 during which I posted a new piece of Orgone inspired artwork each day.  The Festival of Orgone was designed to be an exploration and celebration of the work of  Wilhelm Reich.  Although I did not accomplish exactly what I wanted with the event, it was an interesting exploration and that is what Trail of Breadcrumbs is all about.  I learned a lot through the process of the festival.

Each post is paired with an image and descriptive text as well as links relative to the topic of the post.  The images here are the body of the festival posts including the promotional posts that came before the festival.  I am also including an image of the physical flyer I printed to promote the event.  The list of links below appeared in the sidebar only during the festival.  I present them here to preserve and connect.  I hope amidst this network you may find something worthy of exploration.

For those interested, while you're viewing the posts, each post has a link to recommended listening with it.  I've compiled these links into a playlist on Youtube if you would like to listen.


2012 Festival Links

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