Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Festival of Orgone: Revelation of the Sky Father

This is the piece of art that inspired me to create the Festival of Orgone.

With its expanded consciousness, the self-angel becomes aware of its greater purpose within the span of existence.  The ego based terrestrial form of Odin that dissolved within the Orgone is now revealed as an echo of a much greater form, the Sky Father.  After traveling the myriad paths of the Festival of Orgone, the Sky Father is revealed, transformed, and elevated.  The force of Orgone emanates through him as he acts as guardian to the physical plane.

This is the Sky Father as the Holy Guardian Angel, bringing to us the energy we need at the times when we need it most.  This is the voice that comes when we are lost and says, "It's going to be okay."  The Sky Father is representative of all the things we think we are not capable of doing, being, becoming.  He is the force of independence, continuance, and freedom.  He is the essence that survives when all else fails.

Above the head of the Sky Father we see the faint impression of two opposing crescent moons, reminiscent of the Enochian Letter for "D" / "Gal" corresponding and the Hebrew letter Dalet / Daleth.  Showing here the mind as a Daleth to the higher realms, the door through which the Orgone enters the physcial realm.  The symbol is also an echo of the two alchemical moons within the illustration of Baphomet, the white moon of Chesed and the black moon of Gevurah.  Here they are luminous, transparent and purified, united in purpose.  Reich's character armor is present, but energetic and purified, now made transparent so that the light of understanding may pass through.

Though I have predominately addressed this figure as Odin, I feel there are a variety of forces at play within this image:  Gabriel, Mercury, Balder, Heimdallr, Loki, Zeus, Jesus, Thor.  In part, this is why I am addressing this image as the Sky Father.  As soon as I've nailed down one set of correspondences, another emerges, much like Orgone itself.  An apropos topic today, as the theorized Higgs boson particle has possibly been discovered.  Happy Fourth of July!

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Vincent said...

The Sky Father has a very wise, mature, soothing confidence about him. A stark contrast to the self-absorbed arrogance of the Satyr.

It's been quite a journey : ) I think all of your festival works have effectively shown the great transformation and evolution you've described in your writings. Overall, very well done. I've enjoyed letting it all wash over me even if I didn't quite understand it all logically. I felt it was a great message of self-examination, self-improvement and hope. Also, the predominantly cool colors have been quite a soothing sight amidst all the hot weather of late!

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thanks as always Vincent! I wasn't sure once I got into all this, how it was going to turn out. Actually I wasn't sure going in how all this would turn out. It all began on an intuition.

I appreciate your patience and willingness. Thank you! :-)

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