Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Festival of Orgone: Isis and the Orgone Sea

Within the Orgone Caves the energy reaches a crescendo of expanding awareness.  The Orgone becomes a force of nurturing and sustenance as the traits of the Goddess Isis are loaded into the consciousness matrix of the self-angel.  Awash in the currents of the Aether, the more awareness that enters the matrix, the more that awareness expands.

A sea of Orgone has been generated by the continuous expansion and illuminates this circuit of being to a white hot intensity, purifying all the energy that passes through.  Merging with the very structure of the caves, the self-angel becomes the center of this storm, a gateway, drawing down the vast amounts of Orgone through its merkabah and into the physical realm.

Recommended Listening:
John Murphy
Adagio in D Minor
from Sunshine OST

{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}

Drawing Down the Orgone:
Solitary - Initiation
Margot Adler - Drawing Down the Moon
Genisis Breyer P-Orridge - Psychic TV


Vincent said...

This reminds me of a lightning storm or perhaps some sort of magical fireworks. Fitting since we're coming up on the 4th!

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Sorry I missed the Jack-O-Melon this year. I just watched them last night and as always they are fabulous!

I think the festival spun me around in circles and threw me up into the air. I feel like I only just landed. Okay, maybe not so much the festival as all the other crap in my life - we lost three cats to some local predator (still don't know what) one of my housemates has had major surgery and is here at home until October and my other housemate goes under the knife later this month for major surgery, and still no local jobs in my field.

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