Wednesday, July 04, 2012

From the Archives: He Who Bears the Fury

The character here actually began as an idea for a comic book superhero back in the early nineties but never went any further than sketching.  The basis of the character was that he was possessed of an incredible mystical energy source, The Fury, and had to remain in control at all times to avoid killing everyone around him.  His true superpower was actually his restraint.

In the early 00's, I came across the old sketches and did the color sketch followed shortly by the painting.  I've always been drawn to fire or energy based heroes like Firestorm and Captain Atom.  These pieces are very telling of my quiet obsession with the 1980's incarnation of the Marvel Comics character and Herald of Galactus, Firelord.

The finished piece remained almost identical to the sketch for a long time until in a fit of inspiration I chose to place the blue rectangle over the eyes.  I think this was the beginning of some of the more optical effects in my color work. I'm not sure of the actual dates on these two, but considering the other artwork surrounding it, I can narrow it down to 2002-2003. 

Recommended Listening:
As Heaven is Wide
from Garbage

{Painting is done in Liquitex acrylic paint, the sketch is Sharpie and other markers}

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