Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dream Diary 102913: The Floating Library

I am seeking a book on the angel Haztkiel?  Hatzkiel?  In the library, I float up to the next level to get the book. This area has complex dome and two corridors running off to either side.  The shelves in this area are floating.  I cannot see the floor.  I find the book.  It does not have the cover I wanted but the print in the book is bigger.  It is a nice volume.  I found it in the occult studies section. The section is crowded.  There are lots of people there students?

I wake.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dream Diary 122114: The Show Police

I am in a large corporate office building. All the walls are white. We are near the front of the building which has large floor to ceiling windows. Everywhere there are men and women who are dressed head to toe in solid black costumes. The costumes are somewhere between a Las Vegas show and an Icecapades show in style. Each person wears a headdress that covers the sides of their face with a decorative glittering silver snowflake and swirl pattern. The women's costumes cover the entire bodies except for the small oval of their faces and have cape like elements underneath their arms. These people are the internal police for the corporation in this building.

There is a job culling occurring. Most of the staff have been shunted into a large meeting space for a “reeducation meeting”. The “show police” have formed a line and are slowly pushing those who are being fired out of the building. The head of the company comes out from behind and stands at the center of the line as the last person is forced outside. Outside it is raining and overcast. No one seems to understand why any of this is happening. The entire process seems rather underhanded and fascist.

I tell some of the others I am with to come with me so we can get out of there. We are in a car driving around the backside of the building. Dramatic changes have already begun. The road behind the building they've already begun repaving. It is an arcing curve that goes down behind the building and its construction is that of a concrete trench. The corporation has begun filling it in, but it is only partially complete. We crash into the fill, but it has not hardened yet so it is soft and does not damage the car. We try to back out, but some others were following us and we have to wait for them to get out of the way. They are driving strange machines that look like complex red backhoes.

Now I am in an office with the head of the corporation. The interior is the same as before – all white. I give an impassioned speech about the people that have been let go and how they worked hard for this company that is now just tossing them out like trash. The head of the corporation agrees with me and relents. I am unsure if he is welcoming the people back, but he is certainly agreeing to something. There are scientists within the room.  They are wearing white lab coats.  They are removing dead corn stalks from a testing bed. The stalks have been dead for some time.

I wake.
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