Friday, September 05, 2014

Dream Diary 090514: Adversarial Creatures

In the first sequence I am trapped in an oval shaped room.  A metal riveted door slams down and I do not escape in time.  There are boxes all over the room.  The room is about the size of a racquet ball court.  The floor is covered in about 4-5 inches of water.  Inside the room with me is a dog like creature with a head that looks somewhat like the head of cabbage, only much larger.  The dog creature continually tries to attack me, but I manage to throw boxes in its path.  As the attacks continue it becomes more difficult to evade the creature.  Through the entire scene, I am speaking to someone over the intercom in the room.  We are discussing how to get the door open?  I keep saying snarky things.

In the second sequence I am trying to get away from a small strange bug that pulses with blue electricity.  It looks like a dark dragonfly with no wings.  It keeps leaping at me and I manage to swat it away, but eventually it gets on my person.  I run into the kitchen and ask my stepfather to see if it is on me and to help get it off me.  The kitchen and living room are separated by a small partition.  My mother leaves the kitchen and moves into the living room.  One wall of the room is missing and beyond it a vortex of color spins.  There are objects floating in the space between the missing wall and the vortex?  I turn around so my step father can examine my other side.  The kitchen table and counters are covered in clutter.  I describe the bug, but he says he sees nothing.  I speak as though I am talking into a recorder.  I am giving some kind of report to a higher authority while I examine equipment.  I am examining the parts to see if it needs repairs?

These sequences happened at different points in the evening and I woke between them.  They were both part of larger dream sequences, but these are the only parts I recalled upon waking.  I am amused and interested to note that this is the second instance of a cluttered kitchen space this week.

Modo Cogitari: Crystalline Kingdom

And so they raised up the light
to let it shine down upon the Earth.

Dream Diary 090314: Fragments

I am in a space that is somewhat like a cave, but it is manmade.  There is broken concrete all around and one section is fenced off with chain link fencing.  There is the feeling in the air of being in an enemy camp.  Simultaneous to this there is an urgency indicating that something is about to occur.  Someone speaks over a loud speaker?  There is crowd, but they are distant.  There is a creek? or small lake? nearby.  I have to pretend to avoid being identified as "not one of them".

There was much more to this dream, but I do not recall it in entirety.  I did not even remember the dream until late in the day.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

From the Archives: The Prince of Sickles

Here is a sharpie sketch from a period of time when my superhero work was bleeding together with my occult symbolist work.


With this post, From the Archives will be moving to a monthly frequency.

Dream Diary 090314: Cluttered Kitchen

I am in a house that is simultaneously an exterior environment.  Several walls are missing and beyond I can see trees.  The smokestack of the fireplace extends up into open air.  The visual is very cluttered.  There are objects and clothing lying about everywhere.  There are many people present but I do not recognize any of them.

Present in the crowd, there is a man that I acknowledge as being a stripper.  He has a blonde beard and bright eyes.  He flirts with me and I smile in return.  I am surprised because I did not expect there to be a stripper at this kind of event.  He is preparing for his act, but I have to go to the bathroom.  I make my apologies and promise a quick return before he begins.

The way to the bathroom is more cluttered than the room with the fireplace.  It is a kitchen?  There is what I acknowledge as a wood burning stove.  It is covered in plates and pans and kitchen accoutrement.  I have to make a pathway to the bathroom.  I move a small table to the side and get some kind of sticky goo on my hand.  I move on.

At some point during my movement from the room with the fireplace to the bathroom, two competing "voices" enter the dream.  One is associated with a black cloth with a repeating white design on it and the other is a deep vibrant purple.  They are disagreeing with each other when I enter the bathroom.

The bathroom, much like the fireplace room, is open on two sides.  Beyond is a dewy morning field of grass with a line of trees beyond.  The sun has not yet risen above the live of trees, but the sky is already glowing with much light.  I sit on the toilet.  I can hear the disagreeing voices but they are far away and muted.

I wake

Note:  It has become a repeating symbol set in my dreams that should a bathroom or urinal or toilet appear, it is a warning klaxon to my dreaming consciousness.  It is an indication that my physical bladder is full and I need to wake and quickly get to my physical bathroom.  When the bathroom shows up in my dreams I do generally wake very shortly after.  However, if I should begin to actually urinate within the dream, then there is the danger of physical action.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Dream Diary 090214: The Columns

My housemate Kevin is driving around.  It is nighttime.  We are in a dimly lit parking lot?  junkyard?  There are strange columns everywhere that I acknowledge as some kind of Magickal binding for this space.  The columns are spotted with multiple colors, like a calico cat.  They are strangely colored and look almost cartoonish or claymation in style.  However, the colors are neutralized almost to the point of being grey.  I do not know what is bound here.

I ask Kevin if he knows about any gang tags spray painted on buildings in the town where we live.  He says that there aren't that many gangs here, that there are more in the town I lived in previously.  Though I asked about gang tags I was thinking of graffiti in general.  I want to collect images of actual graffiti as reference for my comic book work when I am drawing urban environments.

An image of a double page spread appears.  It is of a neighborhood with simple houses and trees.  The scene is at a dramatic angle.  I acknowledge it as having been drawn by John Romita Jr.  Amidst the columns I see a blonde man with short cropped hair almost in the style of a military haircut.  The man is nude.  He is being dominated?  attacked? by a large amorphous creature.  They appear to be struggling with each other.  The creature looks much like the columns although hairy also, like a bear.  The entire scene with the creature and the man is drawn in the style of Ted Mckeever.

I wake.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Weekly Mandala: Space Invader

{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}

Dream Diary 090114: The Peacock Building

I am in some sort of beaucratic building or a school of some such.  I'm carrying a trashcan with me.  It is larger than the ones they have available in the building.  I am looking for my dorm room.  I pass through a cafeteria type space that was just opening.  There isn't much of a line yet and much of the building is dark.  Is it early or late?  I keep walking in a circle through the building.  I never find my room, but I am left with a lingering feeling that I began the dream there and now I cannot get back.

At some point I exit the building and am standing outside.  It is daytime but I think overcast as I do not see the sun.  The building is centered in a public park type space with car parking on one side of the building.  There is a neighborhood of houses surrounding and lots of trees everywhere.  The trees closest are old oaks.  I turn to look back and I notice that the building itself is unusual.  The base is that single flat level style that many older American elementary schools used to be built in.  It is red bricks with aluminum trim.  Growing out of the center of the building is a huge and colorful peacock head sculpture.  It is brightly colored and possible made of some type of opaque glass?  It is easily three of four stories tall.  I keep walking away from the school.  The grass is very green, thick, and healthy.

I near the road, the intersection.  The roads are old style asphalt with gravel mixed in and have not been repaved for some time.  There are still in good condition though.  There is a woman there whom I recognize to be an administrator.  For the school?  She is sitting?  She points to towards the direction I came from to a flag hanging there.  It is the American flag with the red and whites stripes replaced by the rainbow flag of homosexual civil rights.  She says to me "You're going to have to take that down."  I say, "okay."

She explains that I have to go around and move my car because I was leading traffic the wrong direction.  I look at the movement of the cars and don't quite understand, but agree with her anyway.  She points back towards the entrance to the school.  I begin to walk that direction.  As I go, she leans in and licks the side of my face.  She says, "mmmmmm...Sulfur."  I wonder if she does that to the old people at the nursing home and think to myself that it isn't really very appropriate.  I am walking now and I look down.  It is as though I am wearing a mask with a repeating quatrefoil pattern cut out to view through.  Like the road, the sidewalk is an older style but in good condition although there are some cracks.

I wake.
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