Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Dream Diary 090214: The Columns

My housemate Kevin is driving around.  It is nighttime.  We are in a dimly lit parking lot?  junkyard?  There are strange columns everywhere that I acknowledge as some kind of Magickal binding for this space.  The columns are spotted with multiple colors, like a calico cat.  They are strangely colored and look almost cartoonish or claymation in style.  However, the colors are neutralized almost to the point of being grey.  I do not know what is bound here.

I ask Kevin if he knows about any gang tags spray painted on buildings in the town where we live.  He says that there aren't that many gangs here, that there are more in the town I lived in previously.  Though I asked about gang tags I was thinking of graffiti in general.  I want to collect images of actual graffiti as reference for my comic book work when I am drawing urban environments.

An image of a double page spread appears.  It is of a neighborhood with simple houses and trees.  The scene is at a dramatic angle.  I acknowledge it as having been drawn by John Romita Jr.  Amidst the columns I see a blonde man with short cropped hair almost in the style of a military haircut.  The man is nude.  He is being dominated?  attacked? by a large amorphous creature.  They appear to be struggling with each other.  The creature looks much like the columns although hairy also, like a bear.  The entire scene with the creature and the man is drawn in the style of Ted Mckeever.

I wake.

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