Friday, September 05, 2014

Dream Diary 090514: Adversarial Creatures

In the first sequence I am trapped in an oval shaped room.  A metal riveted door slams down and I do not escape in time.  There are boxes all over the room.  The room is about the size of a racquet ball court.  The floor is covered in about 4-5 inches of water.  Inside the room with me is a dog like creature with a head that looks somewhat like the head of cabbage, only much larger.  The dog creature continually tries to attack me, but I manage to throw boxes in its path.  As the attacks continue it becomes more difficult to evade the creature.  Through the entire scene, I am speaking to someone over the intercom in the room.  We are discussing how to get the door open?  I keep saying snarky things.

In the second sequence I am trying to get away from a small strange bug that pulses with blue electricity.  It looks like a dark dragonfly with no wings.  It keeps leaping at me and I manage to swat it away, but eventually it gets on my person.  I run into the kitchen and ask my stepfather to see if it is on me and to help get it off me.  The kitchen and living room are separated by a small partition.  My mother leaves the kitchen and moves into the living room.  One wall of the room is missing and beyond it a vortex of color spins.  There are objects floating in the space between the missing wall and the vortex?  I turn around so my step father can examine my other side.  The kitchen table and counters are covered in clutter.  I describe the bug, but he says he sees nothing.  I speak as though I am talking into a recorder.  I am giving some kind of report to a higher authority while I examine equipment.  I am examining the parts to see if it needs repairs?

These sequences happened at different points in the evening and I woke between them.  They were both part of larger dream sequences, but these are the only parts I recalled upon waking.  I am amused and interested to note that this is the second instance of a cluttered kitchen space this week.

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