Monday, September 01, 2014

Dream Diary 090114: The Peacock Building

I am in some sort of beaucratic building or a school of some such.  I'm carrying a trashcan with me.  It is larger than the ones they have available in the building.  I am looking for my dorm room.  I pass through a cafeteria type space that was just opening.  There isn't much of a line yet and much of the building is dark.  Is it early or late?  I keep walking in a circle through the building.  I never find my room, but I am left with a lingering feeling that I began the dream there and now I cannot get back.

At some point I exit the building and am standing outside.  It is daytime but I think overcast as I do not see the sun.  The building is centered in a public park type space with car parking on one side of the building.  There is a neighborhood of houses surrounding and lots of trees everywhere.  The trees closest are old oaks.  I turn to look back and I notice that the building itself is unusual.  The base is that single flat level style that many older American elementary schools used to be built in.  It is red bricks with aluminum trim.  Growing out of the center of the building is a huge and colorful peacock head sculpture.  It is brightly colored and possible made of some type of opaque glass?  It is easily three of four stories tall.  I keep walking away from the school.  The grass is very green, thick, and healthy.

I near the road, the intersection.  The roads are old style asphalt with gravel mixed in and have not been repaved for some time.  There are still in good condition though.  There is a woman there whom I recognize to be an administrator.  For the school?  She is sitting?  She points to towards the direction I came from to a flag hanging there.  It is the American flag with the red and whites stripes replaced by the rainbow flag of homosexual civil rights.  She says to me "You're going to have to take that down."  I say, "okay."

She explains that I have to go around and move my car because I was leading traffic the wrong direction.  I look at the movement of the cars and don't quite understand, but agree with her anyway.  She points back towards the entrance to the school.  I begin to walk that direction.  As I go, she leans in and licks the side of my face.  She says, "mmmmmm...Sulfur."  I wonder if she does that to the old people at the nursing home and think to myself that it isn't really very appropriate.  I am walking now and I look down.  It is as though I am wearing a mask with a repeating quatrefoil pattern cut out to view through.  Like the road, the sidewalk is an older style but in good condition although there are some cracks.

I wake.

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