Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Dream Diary 090314: Cluttered Kitchen

I am in a house that is simultaneously an exterior environment.  Several walls are missing and beyond I can see trees.  The smokestack of the fireplace extends up into open air.  The visual is very cluttered.  There are objects and clothing lying about everywhere.  There are many people present but I do not recognize any of them.

Present in the crowd, there is a man that I acknowledge as being a stripper.  He has a blonde beard and bright eyes.  He flirts with me and I smile in return.  I am surprised because I did not expect there to be a stripper at this kind of event.  He is preparing for his act, but I have to go to the bathroom.  I make my apologies and promise a quick return before he begins.

The way to the bathroom is more cluttered than the room with the fireplace.  It is a kitchen?  There is what I acknowledge as a wood burning stove.  It is covered in plates and pans and kitchen accoutrement.  I have to make a pathway to the bathroom.  I move a small table to the side and get some kind of sticky goo on my hand.  I move on.

At some point during my movement from the room with the fireplace to the bathroom, two competing "voices" enter the dream.  One is associated with a black cloth with a repeating white design on it and the other is a deep vibrant purple.  They are disagreeing with each other when I enter the bathroom.

The bathroom, much like the fireplace room, is open on two sides.  Beyond is a dewy morning field of grass with a line of trees beyond.  The sun has not yet risen above the live of trees, but the sky is already glowing with much light.  I sit on the toilet.  I can hear the disagreeing voices but they are far away and muted.

I wake

Note:  It has become a repeating symbol set in my dreams that should a bathroom or urinal or toilet appear, it is a warning klaxon to my dreaming consciousness.  It is an indication that my physical bladder is full and I need to wake and quickly get to my physical bathroom.  When the bathroom shows up in my dreams I do generally wake very shortly after.  However, if I should begin to actually urinate within the dream, then there is the danger of physical action.

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