Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Festival of Orgone: Self Regeneration in the Orgone Caves

"- pause conflict simulation -
extract reality script - run diagnostic on critical scenes for vector corruption - run diagnostic for continuity disruption - run fruition algorithms - scan and log all data - dump corrupt subroutines and access upgrade features - replicate core task function upgrades  - integrate trait edits with current directives - duplicate base memory for backup - orgone locus registers cardinal reentry vector - load edits into base reality script at cardinal vector - ego routine upgrades loaded - local spacetime vector indicates no disruption - timescape is liquid for reality insertion -
- activate -"

In the face of the opposition from Agent Orgone and the DOR Generator, the Self-angel retreats to the Orgone Caves for shelter, healing, and tactics.  Within the confines of the caves, the Self-angel is displaced from combative elements, separate from the primary Orgone.  The deep ambient Orgone of the caves allows the Angel to quickly process the necessary ego upgrades to adapt to this new challenge to consciousness expansion.  The angel replicates the ego tool for archiving and upgrades its adaptive structure.  Using the Orgonic technology within the forge, the Self-angel etches the new upgrades into the core functions of the ego tool.

Recommended Listening:
Violet Silence
from Schattenmaedchen

{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}

Healing Orgone:
Orson Bean - Me and the Orgone -
Feri Tradition - Blue Fire Meditation
John C. Lilly - Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness

 Festival of Orgone

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