Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From the Archives: Depths

This one is here obviously for the blue,  but also as representative of the depths I've traveled this past year to get to this moment, swimming through a sea of dark currents.  Another attempt here to unify Sharpie and Prismacolor Pencils.  Not sure of the exact creation date on this one, but I'm pretty sure it was after two other Sharpie / Prismacolor pieces,  Moon Cocoon and Leaden Thoughts.

Recommended Listening:
Lisa Gerrard
Paikea Legend
from Whalerider

{Sharpie & Berol  Prismacolor Pencils}


Vincent said...

Loving the depth and texture here. I would've thought this was done with acrylic or some other chunky paint if you hadn't said otherwise. The cool blue colors are also quite welcome in this heat wave we're in the middle of too : P

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thanks! I lost two different blue pencils to that piece, cerulian and cobalt. Yes on the heat, although it is strangely cool here this morning. Cool before the heatstorm? We're supposed to 101 tomorrow. :-O

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