Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Festival of Orgone: Emissaries I, Agent Orgone

As the transformed self-angel rises further into the Aether, the intensity of the angel's light draws darkness to it, casting shadows into the depths of Orgone.  From those depths come creatures blocking the angel's passage to higher realms.  The self-angel is approached by an agent of the depths, but his intentions are oblique.

"He will come to me with a fluted tongue and promises, a song I've heard before. He wears the colors, but stands in darkness.  His Orgone kept in a tiny cage, his shoes will tell me the truth of his intent."

Recommended Listening:
Access to Arasaka
from Vessel EP

This piece is one of the original pieces that inspired me to create the Festival of Orgone to begin with.  As well as being part of the Festival of Orgone, this piece is part of the Emissaries set, all of which were created from the same source material.  Look for them after the Festival.

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