Saturday, June 23, 2012

Festival of Orgone: Odin Diving into Orgone

Here we see the masculine figure of Odin diving deep into the multiphasic multigender Orgone energy. Already his boundaries have blurred and any warlike red energy has been transformed into diffuse violets and purples and pinks.  The masculinity has no choice but to give up to this new paradigm.  All his resistance is overwhelmed by the enormity and power of the Aether.  The structures of ego melt away as the new energy of the Orgone surrounds and pervades all areas.  The dive disrupts the immediate surroundings, sending up bubbles and stray bits of identity as Odin begins to melt into the Orgone.

The Satyr from The Orgone Growth Engine has become a representation of Mimir and the crossed Bridge is the action of drinking from his well of wisdom.  This is Odin drinking from the Mimisbrunnr.  The challenging question is what will be sacrificed to gain this wisdom.  What would any of us give to gain understanding of ourselves, our lives?  We never really get to choose what we must sacrifice in any situation, but we must always decide whether or not we choose to sacrifice it.  Odin sacrificed one of his eyes to gain wisdom.

The question asked by the Satyr - Who are you?  What parts of the identity will you sacrifice to the melting?  The Bridge is crossed, the sudden immersion into the new has initiated an irrevocable transformation.  A sudden and forceful understanding revealed by having boundaries pushed, blurred, and expanded.

Within this chaos we all discover our Samadhi, and we must strive to understand it.

Recommended Listening:
Les Grandes Marches
from Moderat

{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}

Diving into the Other:
Mitchell Feigenbaum, Feigenbaum Constant
Goethe, Theory of Colors
Chaos Theory, Lorenz Attractor

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