Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eve of the Festival of Orgone: The Orgone Bomb

Here we are at the eve of the festival of Orgone and who knows what all lurks ahead!  There are several weighty astrological happenings over the next two weeks, all of which will certainly be in my thoughts and affect my actions as I move through the festival.  The most major of these events is less than a week away: the Uranus Pluto exact square on June 24th.

This square promises to be the match that lights the fires of the events for the next three years.  These two planets will go toe to toe with several more exact squares between now and 2015.  Watch for the fireworks!  This first one may be a slow burn, but it will definitely gain momentum as the year progresses, feeding into the Yod configuration for December 21st. I won't bore you with repeating details, but please check the links to find out more about these major astro events.

Technically, this art piece would be more apropos as a weekly mandala, but I wanted to have an Orgone related piece here at the eve of the Festival Orgone.  The base element underneath is a Chaos star exploding out sending good Orgone vibrations to you all.  Join me tomorrow as I light the fuse and let the festivities begin!

Recommended Listening:
VnV Nation
from Burning Empires

{Digital Images created in Adobe Photoshop}

 Festival of Orgone

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