Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Festival of Orgone: Opening Into Aether

Happy Summer Solstice and Welcome to the Festival of Orgone!  

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year.  I can personally attest to that this year because of the amazing lack of sleep I've had the past few days.  There is just too much 'information' in the air.  I've been sleeping approximately 4-5 hours each night and normally I would suffer a severe detriment.  This week, however, I feel bouncy and energized.    

The Solstice, celebrated as the Pagan midsummer sabbat of Litha, is considered the turning point of the Wheel of the Year.  After today the light of the sun grows dimmer, inching slowly towards the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice.  This year, for the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice occurs June 20th 11:09pm (U. S. Eastern) / 23:09 (GMC).

The first piece for the Festival is called Opening into Aether.  This piece focuses beyond what we see day to day and into the invisible, the Other, the microscopic, the macroscopic, the Aether.  I wanted to connect the Orgone aspect of the piece with elements of the physical to address those relationhips.  Though focused beyond, the title indicates more of a connection between the everyday, the predictable and the mysterious, the unknown.  Where does the Orgone begin and the Mundane end?  A fitting departure point as we move out of the realm of the day to day and into the Aether.

Recommended Listening:
Electric Moon
Mental Record / Inferno
from Inferno

{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}

Links into the Other:
Maya Deren, Meshes of the Afternoon
Harlan Ellsion, Partners in Wonder
Jorge Luis Borges


Vincent said...

Nice opening image. I'm enjoying the blood-vessely, tree-branchy structures at the top. Good illustration of the wispy, breezy Aether too! Seems like it would be very cool, crisp air to breathe.

Heh, maybe the heat is getting to me : P Thank goodness the days only get shorter from here on out for a while.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thanks. :-)

I'm not sure of the texture of Orgone / Aether...I suspect it would be slightly electric at the very least, the way the air feels just before a thunderstorm.

I hear you on the heat. We're almost a week of dry dry heat here after having rain every week for a good while. Even a brief thundershower sounds nice.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Vincent!

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