Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From the Archives: Looking Beyond

Although I will be adding new Orgone related pieces each day of the week, I will continue my regular weekly events: Weekly Mandalas on Mondays and From the Archives posts on Wednesdays.  For the most part, the Weekly Mandalas will be integrating with the Festival of Orgone, but it has been a bit challenging to find older pieces that are specifically Orgone related.  This one is close thematically.

This piece is an attempt on my part to combine my abstract color work with more representative imagery.  It falls in closely with today's other piece, Opening to the Ether, in the sense that entity within the drawing here might be looking into that other piece. I do not have a definitive date for the creation of this work, but I do recognize that it is after the year 2000.

Recommended Listening:
from Day of Anger

{Sharpie and Prismacolor Pencils}

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