Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From the Archives: The Man of Colour

This is what happens when I'm still very connected to an aspect of my personality that has outlived its usefulness: mental dysphoria and emotional dissonance.  This emotional state is very akin to what I was experiencing in the Blue Man drawing, but not quite as much dismay and depression.  That was very active, whereas this piece feels more static and reflective.

This also seems to be the state that precedes an emotional rebirth for me...a shedding of the skin of personality.  It is often a period of confusion as it is difficult many times to tell the difference between what is no longer functional and what needs to stay in my life.  The pull of the new versus the pull of the past.  Tearing apart with me in between.  Although worth it in the long run, during these times I often feel very lost.  This separation, it is the price of the Alchemy of spirit.

{Created in Photoshop}

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