Saturday, July 09, 2011

Night in the Forest of the Blue Gates

This one needs a scary new age soundtrack.

I really don't know where this piece came from.  It started as something completely different and turned into this strange dark forest very suddenly.  I'm still not sure what to make of it.  Such a strange vibe.  I know that the period that this came from was very intense and uncomfortable for me.

It feels like underneath.  Some contained underworld place that is difficult to escape.  I definitely don't want to get too close to those columns, they look hungry.

As well as the scary new age soundtrack, I also hear the hum of a dying fluorescent bulb here.  I suspect that light in the Forest of the Blue Gates flickers.  As soundtracks go - perhaps Steve Roach: Dynamic Stillness.

{Digital images manipulated in Photoshop}


Vincent said...

Yeah, it seems like those lights both flicker and vary in intensity but never get bright enough for you to see very clearly. As for the atmosphere, it seems cool and dank, water dripping occasionally, when you can hear it over the deep, soft moans of sadness coming from the columns... Wow, that just came out of me without much thought at all. Amazing atmosphere you've created here. My most sincere thanks for sharing.

On another note, this reminds me of a recurring dream I used to have as a child every time I was home sick from school. I think it's the long columns under stress. The memory of the exact nature of the dream has faded over time but those columns are definitely triggering a memory.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Wow. You got it all there man! My pleasure to share, Thanks for viewing and commenting. :-)

I really wish I had more to add here, but this piece is kind of a mystery to me. I was headed in another direction entirely with this and then the forest just emerged out of the blackness. I think the thing that disturbs me most here is that you can't see the horizon line. How far does this forest go on? eep.

I'm sorry to hear of your recurring dream. Especially if it looked anything like this. oi. :-o I know for me, most of my dreams that have had any recurring bits have all been stressful. I rarely have recurring dreams. I tend to have repeating dream themes.

Vincent said...

I was headed in another direction entirely with this and then the forest just emerged out of the blackness.

I love it when that happens. When what you end up creating is as much of a discovery to you as it is to someone else. I often just sit down and do drawing after drawing, not really thinking about what I'm doing. When I return to them later it's interesting to see what I've done after I've had a some time to distance myself from my work.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Part of the joy of art for me is the discovery. That has been one of the greatest challenges for me in attempting to create commercial artwork. Everything in a commercial piece has to planned to execution. That is nigh antithetical to my enjoyment. :-(

I've had to find very creative ways to get around that. I've discovered that if I can provide a certain level of quality, most mangers and editors are satisfied and will give me the freedom to explore that I require. The discovery is often what drives me.

My blogs have become challenging in that respect as the fast pace requires that I reflect and post almost simultaneously. That is part of what of has confounded me with this piece in particular. I still don't completely understand it, but it was time to post. I suppose though that is what commenting is for! :-)

Which by the way, thanks for all your comments Vincent. :-) Your comments are always thought provoking and insightful.

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