Saturday, July 02, 2011

Passage of the Dark Daughter

I begin to understand.

I have found my way.
Without words,
Without reason,
I went blindly inside,
Fingertips feeling through the unending night
And found safe passage to the sky.
I found my way.
Not of this world and all its answers,
Not of sight or of numbers or of phones,
But of the ocean inside my veins.
The pressure of my pain and fear
Burst me like ripe fruit
And open,
My glistening seeds fell into me.
I look back at myself in wonder,
I found my way!
There is nothing you can give me
There is nothing I can hold to.
The way is all that matters now.
I thought it lost to time and torture,
But I followed the waters,
Oh blessed patient waters.
I found my way!
I slip beneath my waves
And into my indigo depths.
I undulate like my heart
And feel only the within.
The endless within.

The quiet dark part of me speaks.
{Digital images manipulated with Photoshop}

Update 05-12-12
Recommended Listening:

Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke
The Circulation of Shadows
from Duality

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