Saturday, July 16, 2011

UPDATE: Kevin's Dream Catcher Completed Tattoo

Here is the finished version of my friend Kevin's Tattoo.  With Kevin's permission, I will post a photo of his arm once it is complete.  At some point (also with Kevin's permission) I need to post what his arm looked like before.  More on that later...

My post with my initial drawing of the Tattoo is here.  As you can see we shifted the whole dream catcher structure over.  The preexisting paw is very close to Kevin's arm pit and as I understand it, that is a very sensitive area for tattooing, so to avoid causing him too much pain, we shifted everything over.  :-)  We also changed the web design a bit to give it more organic, less structured feel.  I added the border around his existing paw to make it look like a large carved piece of turquoise attached to the dream catcher.  The feathers are modeled after the feathers of the Great Horned Owl.

{Drawn in Pencil, Scanned, Color Created in Photoshop}


Here's Kevin's Tat, fresh from the shoppe! I'll post another once it has healed completely.  :-)

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