Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Island called Us

Meanwhile at the Cyberpond...Liquidlight technology takes over and transforms the world. What happens when Television screen tech becomes Wafer thin - I think at that point the world goes Psychedelic.  :-)  Walls, Doors, your house exterior, your car, your toaster...everything becomes a screen.  Imagine clothes from Liquidlight tech.  I want that shirt!

Of course I hope the tech takes over before the advertisers do.  If it becomes a world of nothing but walking billboards, I'm quitting and moving to a cave in the mountains.    Call me a luddite if you will, but it would be either that or cyber terrorism.  What exactly would it mean if you hacked someones clothes? LOL  A world of clothes with patterns and images that everyone creates for themselves...that I can get behind.  Then it is just a matter of making it applicable to skin and then I can finally have those leopard spots I've always wanted.  :-P

Wow...I just realized this looks a little like the the big smiley face ship from the original heavy metal movie.  That blows away any other thoughts.  LOL.

Recommended Listening:
Ripple Effect

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Vincent said...

Kinda looks like a big yummy Gummi-Ship, tropical fruit flavor!

I also love those two piloting the ship in the movie, wasted on Nyborg. Sure, yeah, they're wasted but the entrance into the space station they're landing at is A HUGE FUCKING SQUARE and they still manage to almost miss it with their tiny round ship. Amazing!

Speaking of the original Heavy Metal, I hear TCM will be showing it in October. I'll definitely have to catch that!

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Sweet on the showing in October. I haven't seen it in Ages! I miss that anthology style story telling. It was simultaneously pulpy and indie and it didn't take itself too seriously.

Have you ever seen the Aeon Flux cartoon from the Liquid Television days on MTV? That is the last thing I remember giving me that feeling.

Vincent said...

Yeah, ya gotta have a sense of humor when you're doin' shit like that, otherwise it just gets either pretentious, boring or both.

LOVED Liquid Television! I also enjoyed Aeon Flux much better in its short form. She was this amazing super-spy with unbelievably bad luck and I just couldn't get enough of it :D When they made the full-on series I had trouble getting into episodes that were more than five minutes and didn't end with her death!

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