Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Ducks

Well, I fought against it, denied it, and avoided it, but none of these has worked.  I will be spending this month moving to a new residence in a new town.

My financial situation has bottomed out and I am no longer able to keep the place I am in now.  This may disrupt my posting here for a bit, but hopefully I will be back on track within a month or so.  We'll see. 

I'm kind of making it up as I go along, which is my least favorite place to be.  I'm a Capricorn.  I like all my ducks in a sequential row, color coded, numbered, with cards giving me a personal history of each duck.  My ducks have all  turned into cats with wings and are chasing the pretty butterflies.  Flap, Flap, Flap!  Sigh.


Vincent said...

Hey, good luck with the move and chin up. I think Supertramp said it best:

Does it feel that your life's become a catastrophe?
Oh, it has to be for you to grow, boy.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

yeah, yeah.
...character development.
...personal growth. lessons.

Minus all the curmudgeony sarcasm - Thanks. :-)
My growth always comes in gigantic spurts. I suppose that one lump sum is better...just rip the damned bandaid off! LOL I must be growin like Ivy this year though!!!

I still wish they'd quit moving my ducks around.

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