Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weekly Mandala: Malkuth Engine

Time slips in the pulsing.
Days blur into weeks,
mercury beading up and bouncing away.
Each pulse, another moment,
another year of my life bleeding like watercolors.
The Earth changes and changes and changes,
and how could I not join in,
how could I not?
I am lost,
and I am found,
but this isn't any kind of grace.
It's just dancing.
Through the doors,
through the many many doors,
shifting my weight and bending my arms,
turning with the flow and raising myself up.
I'm just dancing.

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from Walls

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Vincent said...

This is one of your best poems. I particularly like:

another year of my life bleeding like watercolors.

It's funny. My first thought after reading that line was, "You're working too wet." Don't know if I'm being too literal or just swept up in the poetry.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thank you, I really appreciate that.

It seems that if I just get out of the way and let the emotions out, the right words just happen. With this one I was just trying to find some kind of way to survive the endless rhtyhm I feel life is beating me with right now.

Not much astrological choice at the moment in the working too wet, Neptune enters Pisces next week and it's going to be ALL WET. LOL. The wet goes back to last year...when Octopus came to me as a totem and Neptune entered Pisces for a brief visit prior to this years movement into a more lengthy 13 year sojourn. That was a pretty rough transition also. I'm hoping that the long term will be easier.

Sorry about that. I've been up to my eyeballs in Astrology of late and I forget that there is a lot of jargon involved. If at any point I'm blathering and your tired of it, just yell, "shut up bitch!" LOL. :-)

Honestly though, I don't think I'd have survived this past year without it.

Vincent said...

Heh. Not to worry about the astrological references. I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to the subject so I don't really know enough to get annoyed. The depth of my knowledge is that I'm a Cancer born in the Year of the Dog and I get along well with Libras and should avoid Dragons.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Cool. Thanks. :-)
Cool on the Cancer. Capricorn here and Year of the Rooster. Rabbits are trouble for me. 2011 = Year of the Rabbit. yep. :-O :-<

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