Sunday, April 01, 2012

Chokmah, King of Jesters

I have to admit, even for me, this one is pretty vague.  I think it may be more a statement on the time period it was created in that the actual piece itself.  I kind of felt like I was the butt of some universal joke during the holidays this past year.  Honestly, I'm surprised this piece isn't darker.

There is a strong feeling of royal coronation here.  Silvery grey is strongly associated with Chokmah in the Kabbalistic Tree of life.  Interesting that when I was looking for Chokmah, I found this concerning the nature of crises that emerge at the Chokmah level of consciousness.  The month of December was stressful to say the least with several decisions concerning what action to take that were nearly impossible to make.

Recommended Listening:
New Order
Pump Panel Remix from Blade Soundtrack

{Digital Images manipulated in Photoshop}

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