Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From the Sketchbook Archives: Dream Sigils

I had a very intense dream involving these two pieces of what I am calling dream sigils.

The first image was as though I were looking down on a black tetrahedron.  It was floating in the air with one of its points facing me.  The background beyond it was a stormy sky filled with black boiling clouds.  Between me and the tetrahedron were three swirling balls of light that had small tails like tadpoles or the white have a yin yang symbol.  They were spinning so quickly they looked like electricity.  The whole image had the quality of a strobe light or a broken fluorescent light: a slight, but visible oscillation.  The balls of energy seemed to be anchored to a nearly invisible wire that was in the shape of trefoil knot.  Which literally JUST hit me that that is representative of the Valknut - that makes the second image a little clearer in meaning.

Out of the boiling clouds in the background came these stacked bits that looked like they had runes and other symbols carved into them.  They were somewhat reminiscent of the stacked vertebrae of a spinal column, but much straighter and even in size and shape - column like.  The columns seemed dark, almost black and the runes / symbols were glowing an ominous orange as these columns fell from the clouds to the ground below.  Once they hit the ground the entire column became lit from within by crystalline white light.  It were as though the entire structure was clear and once it landed and was activated, it's payload of white light was released.  I don't recall the columns exploding or any such, but their landing was very jarring due the sudden release of bright light.

I felt through entire montage that I was being shown this for a purpose.  Both scenes were photo realistic in their quality.  The columns, once activated, looked as though they were created from ice or some complex clear acrylic or epoxy form.  The tetrahedron seemed to be formed from some kind of basalt.  It was solid and black and polished with no blemishes on its surface.  Sadly, I do not recall recognizing any of the runes on the columns, just that in the dream I did recognize them as runes.


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