Friday, June 07, 2013

New Abstract: History Set Originals, Understanding

This image and the following set were originally created from previously posted images on my Dark Art blog, Zombie Bites.  After I finished the pieces I found the entire set to be too light and hopeful for the tone of Zombie Bites.  I have nothing against such flavors as evidenced by my work here, but at Zombie Bites, I feel they would be out of place and not receive the attention they deserve.

I reinvestigated the images in Photoshop and moved the entire set towards a darker tone.  Some images changed only marginally, while others developed an entirely new facade.  In the process I did, however, hold on to the first set of images.  They were complete unto themselves and I felt it an injustice to simply abandon them.  I've struggled with what to do with them until now.  Trail of Breadcrumbs seems a more appropriate home for this set.

{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}

The History Set pieces were created in celebration of the eighth year anniversary of my first posts on Zombie Bites.  Each of the pieces in this set was created from a conglomeration of work previously posted on Zombie Bites over the 2012 year.

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