Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dream Diary 111614: My Comic Book Pages and an Old Friend Escapes Judgement

I am viewing comic book pages that I have drawn. I notice a preponderance of long vertical panels and long horizontal pages. All of the pages exhibit a fine line contour work with lots of detail. Most of the pages are various states of completion ranging from pencils only to full color digital. They are from many different stories ranging from the mundane to the taboo. I am going to show them to several old female friends but I am fearful of their reaction to one of the taboo stories it involves something sexual? Something dark about my beliefs?

We all move into a large auditorium. It is dark. There are many people in seats already. They are viewing a slideshow? A movie? All of the people there are older and moneyed. My friends and I are all cramped on one side of the theatre just beyond the seats. I have my pages with me. We are all younger versions of ourselves. We are waiting for our turn to sit? I try to change into a better shirt , a sweater but there isn't much room and it is difficult. My friends get seats before I do.

Everyone is waiting for the show to begin. There is some kind of delay with the projector? Someone asked me if I will display my work in the interim. My friends are gone. I mention that I only have these pages with me and most of them are incomplete. They do not mind. As they begin setting up a specific projector for what I have with me I begin to explain my work to the lady who asked me to show my work. Not having a “real” statement prepared, I rattle off some bullshit about trying to connect fine art and sequential art. I don't believe it, why should she? She is shadowy and nearly incorporeal, not really a person at all. I struggle to get my pages in order.

I standing on a bridge leading into a castle. An old male friend is dressed as a pirate. He is surrounded by constabulary. He is being judged for a crime, Thievery? Piracy? They judged him and move on. He is to be hanged? Incarcerated? As he is judged another friend's Chihuahua runs out of the castle and across the fountain pool / moat and out. I step out of the entryway and the castle becomes a suburban house with a well kept sloping front yard. I follow my old male friend down and around to the side of the house.

He and a handsome african american man are building a barrel and a wooden crate from slated pieces of wood. I am attracted to the african american man. They are both still dressed as pirates. They are planning an escape. I am not exactly sure of their plans, but I know it involves their constructions. One of them is going to hide in the barrel?  The african american man goes around to the front of the house again. I fly up to the height of the building to see if I can follow him.

I am distracted as I am telling my older friend about a powerful story from medieval times? called “The Power and The Glory”? It is a tragedy of taboo acts and dark obsession. In the story, a queen is having incestuous relations with her son, the king, who is in turn having incestuous homosexual relations with a cousin? younger brother? and they all die in the end. I recommend to my friend that all first semester college students should read the book for its profundity. I feel that the story is relevant to their age and will “prepare” them.

I follow my older male friend around to the front of the house. He is now wearing a fetish gear police uniform, all black with a shiny metal badge. He is preparing for travel. I see the african american man again. He is with his children, a young boy and a young girl. They are happy and smiling. I am trying to delay my old male friend. He is preparing to leave without his wife. I feel desperate and clingy. There is something in the landscaping that is very distracting.

I wake.

NOTE:  When I had this dream I was not aware of Graham Greene's novel The Power and the Glory.

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