Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dream Diary 112914: The Infinity MIrror and Your Mama's Stick

I am in the basement of someone's house.  The room is a dark velvet burgundy color.  There are others with me: an older man with a white beard who is across from me, a middle aged woman with long light brown hair to my left whose face I cannot see, and two others who have no distinctive qualities but are present.  I cast circle to cleanse the area before we all sit.

The bearded man shares several items that he has made.  He shares a large frame with bells.  He shakes it several times.  I ask him not to as the owners of the house are asleep in the next room, their bedroom.  We can hear the couple arguing.  They are loud enough so that we can hear them through the wall.  Something is said about sprinkling a powder on to something and then she makes a disparaging comment about her husband being a homosexual.  The bearded man calls me by name and says he has brought something for me.  He shows me a shadowbox with a mirror inside a mirror inside a mirror.  When you look into it you see an infinity of reflections.  I see a tunnel of mirrors within it then it changes and I begin to see images.

Suddenly the dream is disrupted by a barrage of images.  I see police cars at night with their lights flashing and a pile of severed heads and skulls beside an old wooden table.  A man has been bringing immigrants to his home and executing them.  The man is tall with unkempt hair and a scraggly beard.  He is upstairs in the house?  He is a part of the group?

Back in the basement I am apologizing to the husband of the couple who owns the house.  I explained that I went ahead and cast the circle to get the group going.  He was okay with it.  He has long curly dark hair.  I am trying to be ameliorating as I feel we woke them up.  An old female friend is with us as we are talking.  There is someone at the house I am trying to avoid.  The serial killer?

My female friend and I exit the basement to the exterior.  I am still trying to avoid the serial killer.  I feel that we are both altered in some way, perhaps drunk.  There are a stack of wooden planks in a basket shelf on the door to the basement.  The are painted green with black writing and designs on them.  They are called something specific involving a "your mama" joke but I cannot remember the exact words.  Your Mama's asskickin stick?  The husband shows up again outside but he has short hair now and a beard.  I'm a little annoyed at his presence but he is cute.  He is wearing a barbershop quartet hat.  I think he is flirting with me.

I wake

NOTE:  There is a small section of the dream that was lost in recollection between viewing the infinity mirror and exiting the basement.  The barrage of images was very disruptive to the flow of the dream.  It was almost as if the dream lost coherence or was disrupted by an outside signal.  As the regular flow returned, a portion of the dream was occluded.

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