Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Calendar Images 2

2005 Calendar Images Part II:

The ceiling of my bestfriends' previous house (in motion). I wonder if this is how The Flash sees things? {Digital photo}.
One of my favorites. I'm not telling where this one came from either. :-P {Digital photo manipulated in Photoshop}.
This one was much better in person. The color did not translate at all. :-( I'm still very fond of the simple composition. {Digital photo}.
This is such an intimidating image for me. I was hesitant to include it in the calendar at all. Strangely enough, the month it was associated with turned out to be fairly intimidating as well. :-I {Digital Photo}
You find such interesting things lying on the floor. This one is all about the color...and Luckily it stayed in tranlation. {Digital Photo}
Rotate, copy, repeat. Maybe Nature has the right idea. {Digital photo manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}.
Tipareth.  This is an ancient map repeated and manipulated. I wish I could make the visual texture of this image fingers want to feel the ridges. {Digital image Manipulated with Adobe Photoshop}.
I may be repeating myself here...I altered this image slightly to add it to the Calendar. The stars in the background are much dimmer and I had to turn up the contrast to get it to print correctly. {Completely created in Adobe Photoshop}.
This was a self portrait that turned into a great deal more. Regrettably, the subtle shades in this image do not print well. Alas... {Digital photo maniuplated with Adobe Photoshop}.
Jalapeno's drying in my Kitchen. Although I enjoy the shades of color present, I prefer the composition in this one much more. Took me 5 tries to get it right... :-) {Digital Photo}.

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