Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From the Archives: Rainbow Spirit Child

Here is something I found on the way to a mandala.  Some strange other dimensional rainbow child.  It's weird when you're working on something and look up at the screen and realize that it is looking back at you.  EEP!  However, it was more being startled than being afraid.  The feeling I get here is one of innocent interest and curiosity.  Around this time I did this piece a strange philosophy began to take over my Mandalas.  I began using the Mandala process as a way of viewing problematic situations in my life.   The repetition and changing angles began to become a way of looking at situations until there was a greater understanding, symmetry, and beauty.  When you start looking at situations from every angle possible, existence becomes a giant unfolding flower.  Who Knew?
{Digital images manipulated in Photoshop}

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