Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Changing Course

This year has brought a variety of changes to my life.   New ways of doing things, new goals to accomplish, new hopes and dreams.  Part of all the new emerging structure is the restructuring of my blogs.  Previously, I was content to simply let my blogs be, using them more as a digital catch all for my artwork.  However, the wave of change in my life this year is affecting me on all fronts.  Now each of my blogs will have its own focus.

Trail of Bread Crumbs started as a sketchbook blog; a place to put all my artwork that wasn't quite finished or or professional quality.  Over time the work in this blog began to take on a more spiritual and philosophical quality and many finished pieces began to find their way in.  As part of my restructuring, Trail of Bread Crumbs will now host only my artwork that is focused on the spiritual, the philosophical, the magickal.  Any pieces of a different quality that were posted previously will remain to avoid any complicated relinking.  From this point forward though, Zombie Bites will host all my work that is dark or focused on fear and EXP3 will host all of work focused specifically on graphic design.

Things are changing rapidly for me this year.  I can barely see a month ahead.  Every week seems to hold some new challenge to keep myself going, some new obstacle to my tomorrow.    I have no idea what my future holds at this point; I'm literally following a trail of bread crumbs.  The strange part is that despite the ups and downs of day to day I'm not worried about my long term.  I can't see ahead, but I know somewhere deep inside me that the path I am on leads to my happiness and success, that regardless of what I'm trudging through right now, in the end I'm going to be okay.  In my lifetime, that is a first.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it.

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