Saturday, June 04, 2011

From The Archives: Bliss

This is me having an ecstatic moment in my studio.  Sometimes art really does it for me.  Or it could have been that my blood sugar dropped too low...or too high...or something blood sugary.    :-P

This was actually a wonderful feeling of connection to an energy system outside myself.  It was like I had downloaded bliss by accident.  A feeling of boundless energy and happiness and hope.  Sounds pretty cheesy hunh?  It actually felt like flying while I was sitting still.  I have only repeated this feeling a couple of times, usually involving some type of sensory immersion or deprivation with the proper music.  If I could live in this state I would.  It was the best coffee drink I've ever had combined with an orgasm combined with a slight feeling of free fall.  Mind you, none of those things were occuring when this image was being created.

It hasn't happened in a while.  I've never tried to manufacture it...perhaps THERE is a project.  However, I am a little afraid of it because of HOW good it feels.  Hmmm.....note here: light passing through a prism creates rainbows.  I guess the message here would be to work on my clarity.  Mentally clean house.  I guess I'm on the right track then.  That is what I have been doing ALL YEAR.
{Digital images manipulated in Photoshop}

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