Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I open myself.
I open myself.
I open myself.
I become cloud and lightning.
I become the doorway and the bridge.
Me becomes Not-Me
and the bridge flares bright with the fire of heaven.

The veil of me spreads like shimmering water.
My skin is taught with the entrance of the Other
as my mind shatters into mirror vapor.
I aim myself into the gap
and refract like lantern light in a funhouse.
There is a sound like bagpipes warming up,
like a distant airplane passing.
Transfixed in this endless moment
I watch the world swallow itself.

{Digital Images manipulated in Photoshop}


Vincent said...

I think the words have more of an impact on me than the image. Great free verse.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

The image is kind of quiet. It creeps up on you. It may just be the moving angst, but I found myself unable to verbalize about the piece, so I figured I'd go poetic instead. Thanks for the compliment. I'm just glad it worked on some level.

I may keep doing that overall. It seems to invite an element in that you don't get from a rote description. The challenge is to not be redundant with the image.

It is nice to just write some poetry though. Haven't done that for awhile. I thought it was gone forever, but I guess it was just asleep. Glad of that. :-)

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