Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sketchbook from the Archives: Color Serpent versus Fireworks

A sharpie drawing from my sketchbook.  I was attempting to bring the style I tend to use with colour pencils to sharpies.  The sharpies are bold and intense, but don't mix as much as I would prefer.  When the colors meet, one will tend to dominate the other with minimal mixing.  Although enjoyable as an experiment in sharpie, I prefer the color pencils.  This may all be moot with as much digital work as I'm doing now.

Apologies for the slight haze the piece.  I currently have no access to a scanner and had to photograph this piece.  Heavy sharpie tends to easily reflect a flash.  This is actually the best of set of seven.  Once I have access to a scanner again I will repost.



Over in Zombie Bites, I've been reposting my sketchbook images.  I recently was gifted a wonderful scanner and it is allowing me the opportunity to get some of my physical hand drawn works into the digital realm with better quality.  I think this maybe the only sketch from that set that ended up here in TOBC.  As you can see, this piece benefits greatly from the rescan.  The glare and the blur have been eradicated, letting the wonderful depth of color shine through.  Enjoy.

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Vincent said...

Personally, I think you having to photograph this turned out to be a happy accident. The haze, I think, helps to achieve some of the mixing you had hoped for (at least in its current digital form).

As for the technical difficulties you might try turning off the flash and just taking the photo under good lighting. I've also had some luck with putting some thin white paper over the flash to diffuse it some.

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