Sunday, December 04, 2011


This is me coming to a greater understanding of the universe through the fruits of my meditation practice.  Growth is the slow movement of vines over a thicket, the breath of living progress.  The empty cup is filled with understanding.

Patience is one of the hardest lessons for me.  I want understanding now!  I want knowledge now!  However there are roads that can only be walked and experienced. Thus the journey becomes the destination.

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Vincent said...

I'm glad hear you're finding your way (also just read your "FINDING MY TRAIL" page). While having to find your own way in life can be confusing and frightening I think it can end up being a much more meaningful experience for you personally. To quote a little from Bruce Lee's Tao of Jeet Kune Do, "If you follow the classical pattern, you are understanding the routine, the tradition, the shadow -- you are not understanding yourself."

I can also relate to being a slow learner (or at least a "different kind" of learner). Just to give you an example, I was in my 20's before I fully processed that the simple grilled cheese sandwich was a cheese sandwich that was grilled and not a sandwich whose main ingredient was grilled cheese.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Thanks for reading my Finding My Trail Page. I'm trying to give each blog its own statement of intent. I feel like this gives me a little more clarity by requiring that I self examine in order to write it. Also, I suppose that when I am in doubt I try to go back to my past successes. My AP art portfolio required a statement of intent for the series of works included within. This one however is written in reflection, but at some point it will be someone's first visit to my blog.

My learning pattern is weird. There are complicated things about human nature I feel like I've understood my whole life, but I didn't learn to drive a car until I was 23. So I hear ya on the grilled cheese. Slow learning I guess just refers to my speed at learning mundane world things. That has gotten easier since I embraced my new path in 2009.

My greatest challenge has always been in dealing with those who were born and raised within the "system". I feel like I have no accord with anyone who has had a "normal" life. I have spent so much time on the outskirts of things, it is where I am most comfortable. Stepping into the "system" feels confining and cage-like. It feels like death.

The "system" here can represent any majority assumed perception like "everybody is comfortable in crowds", or "everyone wants to socialize all the time", to "the traditional family unit is the best way to socialize children". None of those assumptions are true for me.

Okay I'm shutting up now...kind of got on a soap box there. LOL. Thanks for the Bruce Lee also! :-) There is never enough Tao or Zen in my life.

Vincent said...

I hear you about the "system". I recently re-watched John Carpenter's They Live and BOY did that hit me hard. I had seen it years before but this time around the bitter social commentary really made much more sense to me. Talk about majority assumed perceptions! If you haven't seen it yet I don't recommend it if you're feeling less than good. It's not the most uplifting of stories but nothing with any amount of truth in it is.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

I saw They Live when it came out in the theatre. I was a huge Carpenter fan then. Yes on the heavy truth, but at least he gave it a bit of an upbeat ending. Blackly comedic, but it would have been worse if the aliens had won completely. Just one of the reasons I LOVE John Carpenter! But yes on the "system" there...ugh. You know...I think maybe that is why I spent my 20's drugged out of my mind. I saw the beast and felt hopeless to stop it. Now I guess I feel like I have some modicum of resistance and vision that I can share with others, ergo my blogs.

A bit off topic - I cannot remember if I asked you already - Have you seen Carpenter's Prince of Darkness? That is my number three favorite of his, preceded only by Halloween and The Thing.

Vincent said...

Just checked and Prince of Darkness is on Netflix instant so hopefully I'll be able to catch it in the near future! Thanks for the pointer : )

Jesse W. Campbell said...

SWEET! Glad to hear it! Let me know what you think. Bit of a general warning - it is VERY 80's. :-P ...but so was THEY LIVE now that I think about it. It is in that same time period.

Wow. I just covered a lot of ground there without really going anywhere. My head is kind of spinny now.

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