Thursday, December 08, 2011

Weekly Mandala: Black and White Trio

These three mandalas are all centered on the internal, the discovery within.  In the first mandala, Furtex, we discover a small bit of knotwork at the center of this flowering vortex of fur. The mandala also seems to be taking place in pool of shimmering light.

In the second mandala, States of Weather, we are drawn into an isolated personality and sucked inside the whirling moods of this enigmatic figure.  Four ghostly hands pull back the cloaking fur to reveal The figure, shielded from its exterior world.  The figure seems satisfied to be completely absorbed only in its personal circulations.

In the third mandala, Machina, we uncover the machinery beneath it all. Far beneath snow and mountainous rock, we find the gears of creation whirling the world into existence.  These three mandalas all came from the same source material. Initially, they all had a very light coloration to them, but once they began to move towards completion, I chose to desaturate them completely.

Recommended Listening:
At Night, Under Artificial Light
At Night, Under Artificial Light

{Digital Images manipulated in Photoshop}

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