Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekly Mandala: Entering the Grid Node

The anticipation of crossing a barrier
and leaping into unknown waters.
Cold or warm, this environment is certain to be different. 

Recommended Listening:
The Seventh Revelation
from The Secret of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls

UPDATE 05-21-12:
Later that same day...
I'm such a goof sometimes.  I don't think I was truly paying attention to my horoscope as much as I should have when preparing this post.  This piece is a good indicator of how I should have been viewing this past week's Venus Retrograde and yesterday's Eclipse in Gemini.  Both of these have kind of kicked my butt a bit, but it is definitely a new environment for me.  This is merely the opening salvo for the next month and a half of strong astrological activity.  Strap yourselves in kids!  It's a twisty road to July 4th.

{Digital Images manipulated in Photoshop}

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