Friday, August 31, 2012

Archon of Manifestation

Here we have a representation of the process of gestation changing into growth as ideas take root and move towards physical manifestation.  The androgyny and coloring of this figure remind me of Tiresias from Rachel Pollack's run on Doom Patrol

Astrologically, today is a Blue Moon, the second Full Moon this month (in Pisces). The Moon opposes Sun in Virgo and conjuncts spiritual Neptune and healing Chiron.  Emotional issues may rise up for recognition right now.  We may want to focus on physical details and feel thwarted by this foggy emotional wave.  Considering the energy of the Full Moon behind it, I suspect the wave will not be ignored. As with all Full Moon cycles, look for the completion of something started around the New Moon on August 17th.

Personally, this week and the one preceding it have been extremely emotionally challenging, but once I acknowledged that I wasn't doing so hot emotionally and asked myself what I could do about it, things slowly began to change in a positive direction.  My acknowledgment came in the form of a frustrated emotional uproar followed by a renewed dedication to working with what I have to fullfill my emotional needs.  It was very frustrating, but I had to have the disruption to open me up to where my sore spots needed healing.  If you aren't afraid of the dark, you can see the faces of those frustrations over at Zombie Bites.

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