Wednesday, August 29, 2012

From the Archives: Night is Come (Alternate Ending)


Here is Night is Come as it was originally published, with the alternate ending of three added pages.  There was a bit of time between the creation of the two endings leading to a few stylistic differences.

Today in astrology begins a change of direction.  The cycle of the past two years will begin wrapping up today as the Nodes of the Moon change signs.  We've been in North Node Sagittarius / South Node Gemini for the past year and a half.  Today we move into North Node Scorpio / South Node Taurus. This will begin a month long change, culminating with Saturn's movement out of Libra and into Scorpio.  Get ready to say goodbye to the issues of the past two years and to say hello to a whole new devil.

This is all strangely appropos for this posting as my personal North Node/South Node polarity runs along the lines of relationships and commuity versus a perfectionist work ethic.  HA.  Apparently the universe thinks its time for me to socialize.  We'll see how that works out.

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Skyward Dreams
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Vincent said...

I like the transition into and out of his eye. Was there any thought given to what words might have filled the blanks?

Jesse W. Campbell said...

I actually left those intentionally blank. I struggled with what to put in those spaces because my original thought was completed at "mystery".

Another challenge of integration from Fine art to Comics: what I enjoy about Fine art is that I can create it and discover it at the same time, with comics you have to know the entire story before you set pencil to page, otherwise you end up with scenarios like this one.

Vincent said...

Thank you for this discussion. Comparing fine art and comics/sequential art and the challenges of integrating them into a sort of hybrid is very interesting and enhances understanding of both concepts.

Now that I've considered the alternate ending in conjunction with our conversation I'd say you were on the right track leaving the blanks empty. If I may be so bold, it might have better served your ultimate goal to not even had blanks at all in the panels following "mystery." Perhaps it would have amplified the ambiguity while at the time clarifying that one of the greatest mysteries that an artist faces is the examination and discovery of self.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

On the discussion, my pleasure! These are two of my very favorite subjects - It could only be better if it were all edible! NOM NOM NOM!

I remember at the time I was working on these being very focused on each page having a word panel. I cannot remember why exactly. I think maybe I was trying to duplicate the visual potency of the Suicide Set, but I really cannot remember. It is very hard for me to observe those last three pages with any kind of objectivity because they were a bit difficult to produce. My thought had been complete with "the mystery". Years later and I still see them as "add-ons". However, I completely agree with you on the absence of the panels leading to a greater ambiguity.

Allowing the viewpoint of others to inform the construction of my visuals has always been my greatest challenge with sequential art. With Fine Art, it's all me and I am completely in control. I make my statement and it is done. People either like it or they do not. With Sequential Art, there is this weird tug of war. I don't think I ever realized that before. I am glad we're having this conversation...I don't think I would have happened upon this on my own.

Going with the "tug o war" allegory, this is where my "I'm not a people person" aspect comes out. With the sequential work I'm either pulling way too hard or getting yanked on my face because I'm not pulling enough. I'm either giving everything or nothing at all. Historically, I've never been very good at give and take balancing. I've always felt that there is no sharing control. I am either in control or someone else is. I think I might be having an epiphany...

When I was very young, I played mostly by myself. I was youngest and my nearest sibling was 5 years older than me. I think this may have informed a great deal of the rest of my life. I don't think I ever really learned to share in a healthy way. I have two settings with sharing control - everything or nothing. I'm either the tyrant or the weak willed victim. Hmph. I don't know how to share control.

I think I just realized why all my relationships go boom. Hmph...Weird.

Wow. Thanks Vincent! Are you secretly a psychotherapist and do you charge by the hour?

Vincent said...

I'm no stealth therapist but I'm glad I could help! Perhaps I just teach best what I most need to learn : )

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