Wednesday, August 22, 2012

From The Archives: Night is Come (Original Ending)

This set was created a long time ago.  It was self-published in a small ashcan comic with another story, Winter.  This was another attempt on my part to marry poetry and well as a bit of spiritual philosophy.  I've never felt like I've ever gotten it quite right, but this is the closest I feel I've ever come.  The first two images are some of my favorite things I've ever drawn.

This is the original ending for the story, but not how it was published.  When I showed this set to friends there was an overwhelming reaction that it needed something more.  I felt that the entire point of the story was an ending of ambiguity.  At the time, I caved to the pressure and created another ending, but I've always felt that was a mistake.  I will post the alternate ending next week.  I wanted to present this with it's original ending first, before sharing the other, and I consider weaker, ending.

Recommended Listening:
Proton Kinoun
Skyward Dreams
from Apeiron



Vincent said...

I like the straightforward narrative. Ambiguity is a hard thing to define by its very nature and from my experience most people want answers not more questions. Might account for the "needed something more" reaction.

I look forward to the alternate ending. Might be interesting.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Ambiguity is one of the elements of Fine art that I find challenging to integrate into comic book work. The nature of comic books operates against such things. Sequential art requires certain concrete elements.

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