Friday, August 24, 2012

Neptune in Pisces: The Obsfuscation of the Light

When Neptune moved into Pisces earlier this year, I noticed an immediate disruption of my ability to communicate.  Everything became distracted and complicated in some fashion.  It wasn't the disruption that comes with say, a Mercury retrograde.  The effect was a complication, a confusion of the purity of intentions.

I noticed several patterns emerging as this year has progressed.  Typing has become challenging where before it had been easy and clear.  I've begun switching letters and developing what I'm calling 'typing dyslexia'.  Statements that once would have been clear cut in understanding, this year seem to be awash in ambiguity and contention.  Situations abound in my life where forward motion has been stymied by grey laden lack of clarity.

Neptune is doing what it does and has fogged things up across the board.  Even trying to do research for this post has sent me off in a million different directions.  However, in all my running about to try to find information on Neptune, I have come across a lot of useful information relating to other aspects in my natal chart.  

I just remembered that Neptune is currently retrograde.  This may be part of the over all problem with these past few months. Neptune goes direct again on November 11th.  We'll see how that helps the overall clarity of the astrological scene.  I just realized that will be just after the presidential election on November 6th.  HA!  All the political disinformation and propaganda will be fading away as the results will be tabulated.  Very intriguing! 

Recommended Listening:
Stars of the Lid
Broken Harbors 1, 2, & 3
from The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid

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