Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekly Mandala: Southwest III, Through the Stained Glass Window

Hold on to your hats because we have some major movements in the sky.  This is a HUGE week Astrologically! By this time next week we will all have been shaken, rattled, and stirred up by the dramatic effects of this week's astrological tornado.

On Sunday the 16th, Mercury, planet of communication and travel, moved into Libra, the sign of balance, relationships, and justice.  Today Mercury immediately inconjuncts foggy Neptune, currently retrograde in spiritual Pisces.  Ambiguity will challenge communications today.  Be as clear as you can.  This is the calm before the storm slowly disintegrating as the clouds move over us and the rain begins.

Tomorrow Pluto, the planet of transformation, death, and rebirth stations Direct after being retrograde since April 10th.  The force of transformation, turned inward since April, will turn outward again into the physical world.  I've gotten mixed messages on this one.  Some say if you've been having a rough year things are getting ready to change for the better, others are warning to watch out.  I do know that this is beginning of the storm that the last half of this month is going to become.  Batten down your hatches.  The Lord of the Underworld is unearthing something and no matter how much it hurts, we all must look at what he has revealed.

Just as Pluto, the great transformer, comes out of retrograde motion he runs into an immediate square with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, on September 18th.  Dramatic unexpected events disrupt and require intense transformation.  This is THE big deal this month.  This is the second exact square this year between these two masters of disruption.  The first exact square was on June 24th, 2012.

Flash back to the end of June for an idea of the energies this square will bring,  but expect a twist this time.  In June, Pluto was retrograde and Uranus was direct.  Now the tables will be turned with Uranus retrograde since July 13th and Pluto now in direct motion.  The energies stewing beneath the surface these past two months are boiling over.  Sparks will fly.  The cycle of opposition between these two transformational powerhouses will continue well into 2015.  This is just the beginning of a much larger drama.

As smoke from the explosion of the Uranus Pluto Square shoots into the air, September 20th becomes a very mixed bag of interactions and reactions. Mercury, the planet of communication, dominates the day as he struggles to deal with all the after effects of the square.  One thing is for sure, we'll all be talking about the same thing. Here's a list of the day's hits:

  • Mercury inconjunct Chiron - Healing will be difficult in the barrage of communication.  Yesterday's unexpected event will have everyone moving with little time to think. 

  • Mercury opposes Uranus - the unexpected events of the square disrupt communication, travel, and commerce.  With Uranus being the planet of freedom and liberation, I expect events in the middle east to dominate the news.  In the midst of this disruption, watch for some new ideas to emerge.

  • Mercury square Pluto - Transformation and communication go toe to toe, vying for attention and resources.  I suspect it will be difficult to tell what is happening in the moment because things will be changing very rapidly.

  • Venus sextile Jupiter - Within all the chaos of this day, there is a ray of sunshine as social sexy Venus in Leo, the planet of relationships in the sign of self, sextiles Jupiter retrograde in Gemini, the planet of expansion and opportunity in the sign of experience and communication.  Venus and Jupiter work well together and the sextile will support their harmony as they help us find the silver lining around these tumultuous clouds.  However, with Jupiter being retrograde, my instinct is warning me against wearing rose colored glasses.  Keep your expectations within reason.

Saturday brings us the Autumn Equinox as the Sun enters Libra and our focus shifts toward balance, evaluation, and relating.  Saturn has been in Libra for the past two and half years and this equinox moves us one step closer to wrapping up his last hard lessons on balance and restriction.  Get ready for a change of focus and direction as he moves through the last degrees of Libra.

Two weeks later on October 6th the master of time steps into Scorpio, the sign of transformation and passion.  Being a Capricorn with Saturn as my ruling planet, I am eager and look hopefully towards this transition.  Saturn in Libra has been a punishing force in my life since 2010.  In this instance, I 'll be happy to embrace the devil I don't know because I've got a ton of cuts and bruises from the one I do.

Things aren't really going to calm down though until after the first week of October.  We still have to get past the Aries full moon waiting for us at the end of this month, but I'll share more on that next week.  Good luck to everyone and hold fast.

Recommended Listening:
Sembler Deah
from Kaessariah. Heel Een Leven Lang

This is the last of the Southwest Mandalas, all of which were created from the same source material.

{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}

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