Monday, October 01, 2012

Weekly Mandala: Crystalline Space

The big noise this week is Saturn changing signs from Libra into Scorpio.  I've been holding my breath for this one.  I know I've been harping on Saturn leaving Libra, but I really cannot wait.  :-)  Not much happening at the beginning of the week, but by Thursday things start to kick in.
  • Oct. 3rd - Venus enters Virgo.  The planet of relationships moves out of playful Leo and into the more exacting and practical sign of Virgo.  Expect relationships to follow suite.  Also expect money and finances to require a little extra effort.  Venus remains in Virgo until October 28th.
  • Oct. 4th - Jupiter in Gemini turns Retrograde.  Progress, opportunity, and expansion are taking a bit of a vacation so we can think of better ways to achieve them.  I suspect this aspect will haunt the presidential election as the big daddy planet of expansion will be retrograde until January 30th, 2013.
  • Oct. 5th - Saturn enters Scorpio.  The planet of restriction is moving into the sign of passion, transformation, and secrets.  We can expect a major shift of focus from the past two years of Saturn's transit through Libra.  For better or worse the lessons of the past two years are over and Saturn takes away what we do not need and forces us to get down to the nitty gritty.  Look back 28-30 years for examples of how this energy may manifest in your life.    Saturn remains in Scorpio until December 23rd, 2014.            
  • That same day we can see the effect of Saturn's movement on Mercury's astrological relationships. Mercury conjuncts Saturn and enters Scorpio while trining Neptune.  Our communications will be following the movements of the master of restriction and there will be an emotional and spiritual reaction to the change.  Mercury remains in Scorpio until October 29th.
  • Oct. 6th - Mars enters Sagittarius.  Planet of action, energy, and war in the sign of knowledge and social groups.  Unfortunately for Sagittarius, it's ruling planet Jupiter has just gone retrograde.  Mars brings passion and extra physical energy.  With the higher mind of Jupiter turned inward, tempers may flare, physically.  From now until November 16th would be a good time for more exercise to burn off the excess or maybe we all need to break out into an all night Dance-a-thon.  Try to be proactive and use the excess energy for something positive.  Mars remains in Sagittarius until November 16th.
  • Oct. 7th - Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces.  Martial action and Spirituality go toe to toe.  This is truly a Fire and Water mixture.  There will be hot steam billowing after these two clash.  These two aspects are pretty evenly matched in this bout with Neptune being retrograde and Jupiter, Sagittarius' ruler being retrograde as well.  No one is really bringing their all to this, but that doesn't make the boiling steam sting any less.  Watch your fingers.

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