Thursday, November 06, 2014

Dream Diary 110214: Darkness and Zombies

It is night in a large metropolitan cityscape.  It is very dark and difficult to see.  The power is out?  We are standing in front of a large three story house.  The house is an older style with a large wrap around porch.  The house has a set of stairs that leads up into the living room from the porch area, but also down into a carport / garage that is part of the basement.  Some of us are sitting on the steps and others are standing in front of the house.

There are zombies are on the next street down rioting.  We can hear them.  We are safe but only for the moment.  Some people are treating it like fun and are going to run around the block to see what they can see.   I know the danger here and am becoming very worried.  There is a solid white dog that will not sit still.  It runs around nervously.  It is part German shepherd?  part retriever?  I'm afraid that it will begin barking and draw the zombies toward us but it never does.

It becomes clear that the zombies are coming our way.  I try to get everyone into the house.  There is a child?  A slender lady is smoking - I tell her she can hang in the doorway until we are ready to enter that way she won't get smoke in the house.  There is an elderly man who is sick sitting in a recliner in the carport / garage.  He is on oxygen?  He cannot move quickly.

One of the people who had thought it was all fun returns through the carport / garage door.  He is high and absent minded and leaves the door open.  A zombie immediately follows right behind him into the carport.  I am holding a pillow.  I don't have a weapon and there isn't anything nearby to use.  I manage to get the door closed and I'm holding the zombie at bay with the pillow by covering the zombie's head and face.

I can barely see the zombie's face.  It's very dark.  I do not know if I have it completely covered with the pillow.  I am afraid I am going to get bitten.  The carport has an open area on the side I manage to toss the zombie out and over the bushes.  It will not be able to get back in because of the angle.  I note that the zombie is very light and easy to lift.  I try to get everyone up the stairs and inside the house.

I wake.

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