Saturday, November 08, 2014

Dream Diary 110314: House to River, Snakes to Trees

I am flying unimpeded in a clear sky.  Suddenly I am inside an old house.  It is fully furnished in period style - late nineteen hundreds to early twentieth century.  It is a college dormitory?  I am trying to find someone or something in the building.  I pass a room where there is a young blonde woman reading.  It is her dorm room?  I cannot find what I am looking for nor can I find a way out of the building.

I know that I am in a dream and that if I can just get to open sky I can fly once again.  I go back to the room with the the young blonde woman and step in.  She immediately asks who I am.  I lie and tell her my name is Ann.  I explain that I am here accidentally and that I just want to leave.  I tell her that I do not mean any harm, I just want to exit via the window.  She is nonplussed and agitated.  She threatens to go gather authorities.  I tell her to do so if she must but that I will be gone when she returns.  I move past her to the window.

There are several screens and storm windows on top of the regular window.  I have difficulty getting them open, but soon I force them and am free.  I fly out, but immediately I fall into a swampy river.  There are lily pads everywhere.  I see the opposite bank and focus on getting to it.  I become aware of movement behind me.  It is a large snake - a boa constrictor?  I kick it hard in the head and it backs off.  I continue to swim.  I cannot get up enough momentum to fly out of the water.  A second snake appears and I deal with it the same way as the first but there is a brief moment where I am unsure if it is poisonous.

I climb the opposite embankment of the river and climb into field beyond.  There are large old trees there and the ground is covered in a golden weed that resembles wheat.   The large old trees look somewhat like old oaks.  I know that the trees are some other species but I know not what kind.  There is a strong wind.  I stand in the middle of the field and take flight.

I wake.

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