Sunday, November 09, 2014

Dream Diary 102414: Slaveries

I am on a hill near the facade of a movie theatre. I look down towards the theatre and see a woman driving a car very quickly. An old friend is in her path and she hits him.  He is on her hood for a distance and then she stops and he slides off and skids across the asphalt.  I run down and call her a very bad name.  She looks at me like - who do you think you are!?  I give her the finger as I pass.

I rush past her to my friend. He seems unharmed. He has changed since I saw him last. He is dressed in goth style with blue highlights in his hair with very pale makeup. His eyes are small and red. They look slightly swollen so that he cannot see at properly. This woman is his girl friend.  He acts like everything is okay despite what just happened.

Then I am in an enclosed cage area inside a building.  It looks like the interior of a warehouse with lots of concrete and chain link fencing all around.  Young men have been kidnapped and forced into prostitution.  They are being trained to become mercenary spies / bodyguards for hire.  This is where their personalities are broken down.  The space where they are being kept is very small.  There are ten to twelve men in the space.  It is dark and there are no windows.  The boys have paired off to comfort each other.

There is a man with me.  His groin in close to my face.  I'm having a strange sensation in my legs. The man tells me it is the twins, an electric mirror energy. I perform a sex act with the man until completion.  My friends enter the door and see all this as it is happening.

I wake.

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