Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dream Diary 062114: Madonna, Memories, and the Halloween Tree

I am in a theatre with lots of people. Madonna is there.  As she is leaving she kind of makes fun of me for actions I took when I was a fan of hers. I eat a weird pie that is mostly re-fried beans. Nacho pie?  I talk to a lady that says she and another couple hang out with Madonna regularly. The woman is a strange turtle lady with a weird flat neck thing.  I rub her neck thing.

Night at the house. Young friends. College? It is an old friend's house. I look outside. One of his dogs has found a way through the backyard fence and has run out.  It is harassing other neighborhood dogs.  I go to tell my friend about his dog, but we talk about weed instead. He says he has stopped smoking completely. I tell him I am not chronic anymore just occasionally. We recount old times.

I have a memory of following behind a pizza delivery guy wearing a backwards ball cap. His car is a convertible.  A police car comes over the hillside with lights flaring.  The pizza guy is on the wrong side of the road and faces off with cop's car. The cop passes. The pizza guy's hat flies out and away. He stops to find it.  We stop our car to tell him where we saw it land.  He is blonde with short buzzed hair.  Back at the house, everyone is exploring the basement. I miss the tour.

An old boyfriend is soaking in a bathtub. I run outside to decorate the Halloween tree and put out "take one" signs for the toys and candies hanging there.  There are little skeleton signs that say take one and lots of skull designs. Most everything glows. The house is wrapped in black plastic. When I go back inside he is under the water face down. Drowned?  Meditating?

I wake.

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