Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dream Diary 102313 - 111113: Tzadkiel, a Candle, Spiders, and Suspended Animation


There is a slender bearded man dressed in flowing a purple toga.  His dress is very ancient Greek in style.  He wears gold accessories and his hair and beard are dark red and long. He has several faerie-like attendants.  He walks through a crowded party.  Everyone else there stands still like statues.  Nearby there is a large decorative water fountain.  He is Tzadkiel?  Bacchus?  Dionysus?  Raphael?


A woman that I worked with previously and disliked is my roommate.  We only have bunk beds to sleep in.  I am returning home.  I bring her a large white penis shaped candle.


I lift up a container.  There are spiders on its underside. They are black and poisonous, but I do not read them as black widows.


I am in a dark room shining a flashlight.  The cats are playing in the darkness.  I see the shadows of spiders.  The cats are playing with them but I cannot see where the spiders are.  I am anxious.

I am in a warehouse full with muslin canvas room separators.  I walk on the same aisle several times before I wake the Classic Star Trek cast from their suspended animation chambers.  They exit the suspension chambers through a large technological archway.  When they do wake, there are multiples of everyone: two McCoys, two Spocks, etc.  This activation also wakes many children who were in suspended animation.  They are all wearing international day costumes. There is lots of confusion and everyone who woke up is very disoriented.  Everyone is amazed at the number of people that were in the chambers.  I try to direct the large crowd to a temporary waiting space until we can figure everything out.

Upon waking the word Lornafan? Lornafin? is in my mind.

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